Yuva Bharat salutes the Lion of Raigad – Adv. Datta Patil our beloved Dada !

Yuva Bharat salutes the Lion of Raigad – Adv. Datta Patil our beloved Dada !

Adv. Datta Patil, former leader of the opposition died on 27th August, 2011. Till his death at the age of 87 he remained young in heart. It was this lion hearted spirit that led him to become the natural leader of many agitations. He continued the tradition of fight for social justice, land rights of Raigad district led by his father great Narayan Nagu Patil. It were these struggles that led not only to land reforms and its implementations in Raigad but also to the decisive battles against the land mafia – the corporate sharks like Reliance, who in the name of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are trying the take the land of the peasants. In his last days, Adv. Datta Patil as president of MahaMumbai Shetkari Sangharsh Samiti led successful struggle against Reliance’ proposed MahaMumbai SEZ of 32000 acres of land of 45 villages of Pen, Panvel & Uran. Till his last breath he stood for peasants and workers rights not in words but in deeds. Yuva Bharat salutes the fighting spirit of Dada (fondly called by all of us). Yuva Bharat organisation which has been part of this anti-SEZ struggle and had an opportunity to work with such a great person appeal to all to attend the Shok Sabha organised by MahaMumbai Shetkari Sangharsh Samiti at Chirner on 4th Sept.2011 at 3.00 pm.


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