Strongly condemn the violence unleashed by the authorities on the villagers at Jaitapur.

Press Release by Yuva Bharat

Strongly condemn the violence unleashed by the authorities on the villagers at Jaitapur.

We strongly condemn the brutal violence unleashed by the authorities on the villagers who have been opposing the coming up of 9900 MW Nuclear Power Plant at Jaitapur.

On Monday 18th April, 2011 the police brutally lathi charged and fired on the villagers of Sakhri-Nate. A young 30 year old fisherman Tabrej Abdul Sagvekar (Sayekar) was killed in the firing. This incidence has triggered unrest in the entire district of Ratnagiri which observed total bandh on Tuesday. The situation has become critical that the authorites had to impose curfew in Ratnagiri.

The state govt. is solely responsible for the present situation. It is the state govt. authorities who have made situation provocative. Furthermore, political parties like Shiv Sena under the pretext of opposing the project are trying to politicise the issue.

Right from day one the villagers of Jaitapur, Madban area have been peacefully opposing the coming up of nuclear power project. The agitgation led by Pravin Gavankar, Vaishali Patil, Justice Kolse- Patil and others have been peaceful. The agitators have been rightly pointing out the dangers and futility of such huge nuclear power projects. After Fukushima, Japan’s nuclear catastrophe, it was expected that the Central and State govt. should have put all the proposed nuclear power plants on hold. In Europe, the German and French governments were forced to reconsider the viability of nuclear powers. Unfortunately, our ruling class in order to subserve the intersts of the nuclear lobby is determined to force these projects on the people. For this they can go to any extent even firing its own people.

We demand –

  • The proposed Jaitapur nuclear power project should be scrapped and all construction work at the site should be stopped  with immediate effect.

  • All the arrested villagers should be released and all the cases, legal proceedings against the agitators should be stopped.

  • The concerned officers should be suspended.

  • The Indo-US and the Indo-French Nuclear Deal signed by Manmohan Singh Govt. should be scrapped.

  • Considering the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, Japan, instead of nuclear energy alternative non conventional energy sources should be tapped and developed.

  • Finally, unwarranted and unwanted usage of power in the metropolitan cities and other large towns has been observed. Agriculture is sufferering from inadequate and erratic power supply and cities are seen wasting large amount of electricity. We demand that social audit of the distribution of power should be done.

National Convenors

Shashi Sonawane, Pradip Roy, Rajiv Rai, Harendra, Kaushik Bharat and Vinod Bhai.

Yuva Bharat

Stri-Dasya, Jati-Varga Vyavastha Anta Ke Liye Samarpit Naujawanon ka Akhil Bhartiya Sanghatan

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