Yuva Bharat’s 5th National Conference

5th National Conference of Yuva Bharat

24th to 26th September, 2010, Devghar, Jharkhand


The 5th National Conference of Yuva Bharat Organisation is going to be held from 24th to 26th September, 2010 at Devghar, Jharkhand.

Yuva Bharat since its formation for the past 10 years, Yuva Bharat has been fighting against the imperialist onslaught and has been striving for rebuilding our great nation based on socio-economic equality and democratic values through various struggles of the toiling masses. Whether the struggle was against the genocide by the communal forces in Gujarat in 2002 after Godhra, or fight against the suppression of the democratic values and aspirations of the people of Manipur by the Indian ruling class in 2005 on the wake of brutal rape & murder of Manorama by Assam Rifles, Yuva Bharat has always tried to take up its historical responsibility. In natural calamities like floods in Bihar or Tsunami in Tamilnadu / Kerala, Yuva Bharat did its best to give relief to the victims.

The lopsided uneven development has greatly damaged our environment, our eco system thus thereby threatening the existence of life on earth. Taking cognizance of the gravity of the situation, Yuva Bharat for the past few years has been actively involved in the struggles of protection of environment and livelihood of the people. Yuva Bharat took initiative in its fight against the notorious Dow Chemicals in Pune and the struggle against the anti-national SEZ act and land grabbing by the corporate sharks in Raigad (Maharashtra), actively intervened in the anti SEZ struggles of POSCO (Orissa), Singur or Nandigram and took initiative against the anti-land grabbing struggles in Uluberia (W.Bengal), slum dwellers’s movement against landgrabbing in Mumbai, recently struggle is going on against garbage dumping ground in Uttan Bhayander near Mumbai. In all these struggles, Yuva Bharat as an all India youth organization has strived to galvanise and organize the youth power against the unjust policies of the ruling classes.

The theme of this conference is Environment and Development. Through deliberations and discussions on this theme, strategy and programmes shall be worked out in the Conference.

We cordially invite you for the conference. For details kindly contact us.

Date – 24,25 &26 September, 2010.

Venue – Banarasilal Satnali Smriti Bhavan (Satnaliwala) near Bajla Chowk, Umapati Banerjee Road, Caster Town, Baidyanath Devghar, Dist, Devghar, Jharkhand – 814112.

Yours’ Sincerely,

Vinod Bhai (Devghar) – 9430022323 / 9422003690, Ashok Bharat – 9430918152, Rajiv Rai (Bihar)- 9430869781, Pradip Roy (W.Bengal) 9830224319, Shashi Sonawane (Maharashtra) – 9967134717.

National Convenors and National Committee.


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