Constitution of Yuva Bharat

Aims and Objectives

1. Yuva Bharat is an all India organization of student and youth committed to put an end to the capitalism, imperialism and create an exploitation free socialist society.
2. Yuva Bharat is a broad based organization that shall struggle and try to resolve the problems of the students and youth in particular and society in general. Through the militant unity and struggle of the student & youth, it will achieve the above mentioned goals along with the other sections of the society.
3. Yuva Bharat is committed to organize the revolutionary student & youth to eradicate exploitation based upon caste, race, class & gender; it shall strive for building up of society based on equality.
4. By understanding the present phase of the capitalist imperialism and identifying the imperialist tools – such as various institutions of the State, so-called mainstream political parties and the foreign funded Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Yuva Bharat shall strive for broad unity of the oppressed and exploited masses to fight against imperialism and to protect the sovereignty of our country.
5. Yuva Bharat shall fight for equal opportunity of development to Women, Adivasis, Dalits, Workers, Peasants, Physically/Mentally Challenged and other sections of the society.
6. Yuva Bharat shall fight against gender discrimination and atrocities on women. It shall consistently strive to imbibe the value of gender equality within the organization and the society.
7. In the context onslaught of the capitalist imperialism Yuva Bharat shall fight to establish the rights of the adivasis, productive castes, nomadic tribes, and other toiling masses over their means of production, employment and natural resources.
8. Yuva Bharat shall strive to establish democracy not just as a political system but also as a value system based on equality. With socialism as a goal, Yuva Bharat shall fight against individualism and consumerism through collective leadership and team spirit on the basis of democratic values.
9. Yuva Bharat shall respect the freedom of expression of beliefs and disbeliefs of every individual and shall fight against ritualism, superstitions, dogmatism, casteism and communalism. It shall strive to establish the egalitarian content of religion, values and traditions in the society. It shall contribute in the formation of social system that shall provide space for expression of cultural diversity.
10. Yuva Bharat shall form committed team of students and youth all over India to establish Indian Nationalism based upon equality and protecting diversity of our country.
11. Yuva Bharat shall actively support all anti-imperialist movements, struggles for equality and liberation that are going on all over the world.
12. Through organization, struggle, constructive work and the process of learning and understanding Yuva Bharat shall achieve the above mentioned aims and objectives.

Rules and Regulations

1. Name of the Organisation shall be “Yuva Bharat”

2. Symbol, Flag – (to be decided through consensus)

3. Membership – Any Indian youth who believes in the ideology, constitution of Yuva Bharat, who is ready to commit herself/himself for organisation’s work and ready to subscribe annual membership fee shall become a member of Yuva Bharat.

4. The basic constituent of the organization shall be a unit. Atleast seven (7) members can constitute a Unit. This is applicable to a village, locality, college and University level unit.

5. A committee can be formed at a Block (Tehsil) / City / District level with at least ten (10) members – two (2) each from a unit. Three (3) members shall be chosen to act as convenors of Block (Tehsil) / City / District level. This committee shall be constituted in the annual Block (Tehsil) / City / District level camps.

6. The representatives of Block (Tehsil) / City / District level shall form a State Committee in the annual State level Camp. State level committee shall have at least fifteen (15) members. Three (3) to five (5) members shall be chosen through consensus as State convenors.

7. As India is a multi-lingual, geographically and culturally diversified nation, the national committee shall be constituted from the representatives elected by the State Committee through consensus. While constituting the National Committee, special care shall be taken to have representatives from the oppressed sections of the society and the neglected states of the Indian Union. National Committee shall constitute of at least twenty five (25) members. Generally, the National Conference of Yuva Bharat shall be held once in two years with at least five (5) representatives from each unit attending it. A broad guideline and decision for organizational functioning, programming and agitation shall be prepared in the National Conference.

8. National Committee shall be constituted from the representatives elected by the State Committee through consensus and the National Committee shall be declared in the National Conference.

9. The newly elected National Committee shall elect five(5) to seven(7) National Convenors who shall constitute a National Convenors’ Committee and shall be declared in the National Conference.

10. Generally, all units shall meet once in fifteen (15) days. Block (Tehsil) / City / District level Committees shall meet once in a month and the State Committee shall meet at least once in two months. Reports of these meetings shall be sent to the respective State Committees and also to National Committee. Between the period of two meetings, the convenors of the respective committees shall implement the decisions taken by the committees and strengthen the organization through collective functioning.

11. National Committee of Yuva Bharat shall meet at least once in three (3) months. In these meetings, the decisions shall be taken on the programmes and direction of the organization. It shall be the task of the National Convenors’ Committee to implement the decisions taken by the National Committee. For coordination, the National Convenors’ Committee shall meet at least once in two(2) months.

12. The quorum for the unit level, Block (Tehsil) / City / District level, State Committee and the National Committee meetings shall be 50% of the respective committee members.

13. It is obligatory for all members of Yuva Bharat to pay their annual membership fees. 50% of the membership fee shall be allocated to National Committee and 25% each shall be allocated to the State Committee and to local Units.

14. It shall be the responsibility of the National Committee to print and distribute the membership form and the subscription book.

15. Responsibilities of the members of Yuva Bharat.

I. All members of Yuva Bharat shall give their membership fees and the subscription of Yuva Bharat regularly.

II. Members of Yuva Bharat while propagating the thought and expanding the activities try to increase the membership of the organisation and form new units.

III. The resolutions and the programmes of the organisation shall be implemented collectively.

IV. They shall remain active in organizing and participating in study circles and induct other youths in it.

V. On the basis of the political, ideological and organizational values they shall give their suggestions in the Unit meeting or shall give suggestions in writing to state and national committees.

VI. They shall take the initiatives in organizational programmes through collective functioning.

VII. While deciding the role in the organising they shall function collectively and shall discharge their responsibilities given to them by the organisation.

16. Responsibilities of the Unit –

I. To strengthen and expand the organisation at the local level.

II. To participate and take initiative in the anti-imperialist activities struggles for change.

III. To initiate study circles amongst the youth and to propagate the ideological and political viewpoint.

IV. To implement the programmes undertaken by the State and National Committee.

17. Responsibilities of the State Committee

I. To send report to National Committee on organizational activities and to place them in the National Conference.

II. To send proposals on political, ideological and organisational matters of Yuva Bharat to the National Committee.

III. To give political, ideological guidance to all the units in the state.

IV. To implement the programmes and resolutions of National Committee in coordination with al the units.

V. To take decisions on political and organizational issues by consensus and implement them collectively.

VI. State Committee shall be the highest body to take political and organizational decisions at the State level.

18. Responsibilities of the National Committee –

I. To place the proposals on the role and programmes of the organisation and report of organizational activities in the National Conference.

II. To take decisions, resolutions on political, agitational and organizational matters through general consensus.

III. To give political ideological guidance to all Units.

IV. To discharge full responsibility of the organisations’ Organ – “Yuva Bharat Samachar”.

V. To execute the programmes and resolutions in coordination with all units Block (Tehsil) / City / District and State committees.

19. Responsibilities of National Convenors’ Committee –

I. National Convenors’ Committee shall be constituted of five (5) to seven (7) members elected from within the National Committee and shall be responsible for coordination at national level.

II. To coordinate between the Units and the National committee.

III. Between the period of two meetings of the National Committee, the national convenors’ committee shall have the right to take decisions on political, agitational and organizational matters in an emergency. However, these shall be placed before the national committee for ratification.

IV. National Convenors’ Committee shall give collective leadership to the organisation.

V. National Convenors shall coordinate amongst themselves to participate, guide and give leadership to the activities of the organisation.

VI. National Convenors’ Committee shall meet at least once in two months. These meetings shall decide the future directions and strategy of the organisation and shall place the same before the national committee. It shall also assess the activities of the organisation.

20. Any declaration, presentation, press statement, poster, letter, literature etc shall be issued in the name of the Convenors of the respective Unit, Block (Tehsil) / City / District, State or National Committee as the case may be.

21. The National Conference shall have the full and final right to amend or change the constitution of the organisation.

I. In this regard, National Committee shall place the resolution through consensus.

II. Any member of Yuva Bharat can give suggestions on this aspect to their respective committees, national committees in written form. These suggestions shall be discussed in the national committee and can be placed before the National Conference for discussion.

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