Condemn the Taliban Culture of Shri Ram Sene

Condemn the Taliban Culture of Shri Ram Sene

While the entire nation has hardly recovered from the dastardly terrorist attack on Mumbai that we are again subjected to the Talibani terror of Shri Ram Sene! On 24th January, 2008 on the eve of Republic Day when the country was preparing itself to celebrate the 59 years of our republic based on the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, the so called custodians of Indian culture barged into a pub in Mangalore and shamefully attacked the women.

These Talibani maniacs allegedly want to wipe out the pub culture from our country. Nobody can have objection to their viewpoint in a democratic society. But who has given them right to vandalism, to attack the girls? Here the question is not just of liquor & pub culture. Had it been so then these Indian culturewalas would have taken up the issue against the liquor barons. Karnataka election politics like elsewhere in the country is dominated by the liquor lobby. India’s powerful liquor barons come from Karnataka. These hooligans have never ever taken any stand against the liquor barons. If they are serious about the growing addiction to liquor they should have forced their newly elected government to take strong actions to curb the production and distribution of liquor. In Gujarat, though liquor is banned, an alternative black economy of liquor is flourishing. The self declared custodians of culture have never dared to destroy this menace. Instead they have targeted women who allegedly take drinks in the pub. These are the very forces who under the garb of globalization and liberalization have been pursuing liberal liquor policy and promoting the pub culture. It is not these hooligans but the struggling adivasi, bahujan women folk who have been fighting against growing drinking culture and are facing the wrath of the authorities and liquor lobby.

Under the pretext of women ruining the Indian culture by going into pubs, these cultural terrorists once again want to terrorise the downtrodden women folk into cultural submission. They once again want to reassert the brahminical patriarchical hegemony in the society. In the modern times, it has been basically due to the painstaking efforts of leaders like Mahatma Jotirao Phule and India’s first teacher Savitribai Phule that women got the opportunity to break the age old shackles of slavery. The downtrodden masses have been striving for bringing about real democracy based on social, political, cultural and economical equality. It is this progressive struggle that the Talibani maniacs want sabotage.

The information that is coming out since this incidence is much more shocking. The founder chief of Shri Ram Sene Pramod Mutalik who has facing many criminal charges, has openly and shamelessly supported the Malegaon Blasts and the conspirators, leaders of this inhuman terror acts. He has close links with those involved in Malegaon Blast. Hence, indepth inquiry should be initiated against the terrorists activities of Pramod Mutalik and his terrorist organizations.

In democratic and diverse country like India nobody can dictate as to what one should eat or drink or wear or how one should live. If terror outfits like Shri Ram Sene and their goons are going dictate their version of culture then very soon, the Bahujans will be subjected to the casteist atrocities and India would become another Afghanistan under Taliban. Hence, we the struggling youth of this country should unite and fight against these Talibani forces.

Come Unite and Join the Protest against the Talibani atrocities of Mangalore.
Date – 31st January, 2009 (Saturday), Time – Morning 10.00 am.
Venue – Main Building, Pune University, Pune.

We Demand –
1. We strongly condemn the dastardly actions of Shri. Ram Sene. Immediate and strict action against the hooligans of terrorist organizations like Shri Ram Sene.
2. Thorough probe into the links between Pramod Mutalik and the Malegaon Blast.

Jayshri Ghadi, Mukta Sonawane, Kirti Badve, Manisha Shinde, Pallavi Navagire, Chanchala Ghadge, Sharifa Bale, Shakuntala Dhumale, Rajashri Injamuri, Shweta Pawar, Namrata Phadke, Alka Angane, Swati, Reshma Sheikh, Asha Kamble, Suvarna Gaikwad, Alka Karmode, Arnawaz Kapadia, Salim Sheikh, Kranti Patil, Basvant, Raju Pathan, Khandoji Waghe, Ganpat Dhumale, Mansoor Tadvi, Anil Jaybhay, Md. Rizwan, Ignetius, Ganesh Jadhav, Pramod Kuvar, Avinash Karmoda, Milind Nikam, Vanraj Shinde, Kishore More, Vishnu Shrimangale, Uddhav Dhumale, Parmeshwar Jadhav, Shashi Sonawane.

Yuva Bharat National Committee

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