STATUTORY WARNING : Speaking Against DOW is a Crime in our independent Country.


Authorities who are more committed to their masters namely the notorious US multinational Dow Chemicals are now applying usual tactics of harrassing the activists in different cases. On 25th July,  when Banda Tatya Maharaj Karadkar led warkaris and  destroyed the construction of Dow, the authorities had no courage to arrest Banda Tatya. They charged 44 villagers including Banda Tatya (the only warkari to be named in FIR). Since 25th July, they have been harassing 44 innocent villagers. Finally, 15 villagers who were arrested have got bail and most of them have got bail or anticipatory bail.

Now they have started targeting activists.

Shashi Sonawane (National Convenor, Yuva Bharat) i.e. myself, Rajendra Gaikwad (State Convenor, Yuva Bharat), Vijay More (Activist – Lokshasan Andolan) alongwith 4 villagers Shantaram Panmand, Vithal Panmand, Sunil Devkar, Ankush Ghanvat were charged for organising illegal protest meetings against Dow. We had to be released on bail. Yesterday we appeared before the court and got the bail.

It has once again proved that it the US multinationals like Dow Chemicals who are masters of our great nation and not the toiling masses. Speaking against Dow is a crime, organising peaceful, democratic protest meetings is a crime! but illegally started the construction of Dow on Village land which belongs to the village as per the land record is not a crime! Starting the construction without taking the mandatory permissions is not a crime! Not disclosing the information about the various hazardous chemicals that Dow intends to use is not a crime! Killing Vietnamese people is not a crime!

These are the desparate acts of the authorities to somehow start construction work of Dow. It is clear that Dow cannot and never shall be allowed to set its foot in  our Land.

Shashi Sonawane (National Convenor, Yuva Bharat)

Yuva Bharat
Stri-Dasya, Jati-Varga Vyavastha Anta Ke Liye Samarpit Naujawanon ka Akhil Bhartiya Sanghatan


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