Yuva samachar (Bengal) – 2nd Issue – August 2008


2 responses to “Yuva samachar (Bengal) – 2nd Issue – August 2008

  1. shaikh salim(pune)

    shashi, pune mumbai che karya update hot nahi
    muslim m sahitya,mumbai ANTI SEZ,VILAS,SHASHI
    chaya meeting,melave,shaba update kar srvana kalel.


  2. Friends,

    Under the garb of High Court order police, SRP mobilised massive force and unleashed reign of terror on the peaceful agitators.

    The agitators mostly women and children (initially about… 250 to 300) started assembling as per the routine at Anandnagar, Talavali where the agitators have been blocking the garbage trucks for the past 12 days.

    When the police forcefully started taking the garbage trucks, the women and children immediately blocked the road and slept on the road.and gave slogans – “Dumping Ground Hatao Gaon Bachao !” the agitators were only giving slogan and had blocked the road. The police were supposed to arrest the peaceful agitators but instead of doing that the gents police immediately started lathi charge indiscriminately on the women. The gents police ruthlessly and shamelessly starting beating the old women and small children. The details are given below. The police not only stop with this they fired many teargas shells due to which many people got affected.

    The lathi charge was so indiscriminate that even old women, children were not spared. Many women have got head injuries.

    Leading activists, James Correa, Sister Clara, Sister Mersina, Sister Jokina, Sister Christina, Fr. Leslie Malya, Fr. Bona Parriera, Ronnie Correa, Shashi Sonawane, William, Wilson, Walter Parreira and others were brutally beaten up.

    Thousands and thousands of villagers (approx. 15000) are now on road at Anandnagar – Talavli.

    We condemn the brutality of the police administration. We condemn the unjust approach of the administration of giving protection to the garbage trucks and brutally the peaceful villagers whose only genuine demand is to shift the dumping ground. This is probably for the first time in our history that the State authoritites are bent upon beating the citizens brutally inorder to send the garbage trucks in the dumping ground. This is not only unjust but outright violation of the agitators to protest peacefully. Even if it is Court Order, the villagers have every right to protest it. This is a gross violation of the fundamental rights of the people.

    Justice Kolse-Patil who was on his way to visit the agitators was blocked at Dongri village where he has sat on Dharna in protest.

    We condemn the heinous and brutal act of police authorities. We condemn the human rights violations by the authorities.

    We demnad that –

    1. The so-called solid waste management project (Hanjar Biotech pvt. Ltd.,) of the Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation should be completely stopped, scrapped and shifted permanently from the Uttan Dhavagi hill top.
    2. All the activists (about 15-16) should be immediately released unconditionally.
    3. The officers who lathi charged and fired teargas on the innocent and peaceful women, children and agitators should be suspended immediately and a judicial enquiry should be appointed on the same.

    Unless and until these demands are not accepted by the authorities, we the agitators have decided to not get out of the road.

    The details of those injured in the brutal lathi charge and teargas firing.-

    Children: Noel Diago Almeida (7yrs),

    Women : Avita Mendonsa, Monica Fernandes, Sofi Fernandes, Regina Mendonsa, Meenal Mendonsa, Silvia Patil, Natal Fernandes, Lourdes Nunis, Jabel Borges, Virgin Nunis, Susan Correa, Helen Correa, Anita Dennis, Rosy D’Souza, Monica Mendonsa, Rufina Gracius, Smita Borges, Rosy Junao, Helen Patil, Irene Borges, Matrila Chakia, Darshana Mhatre, Shubhangi Mhatre, Mara Shaikh, Marta Nunes, Trisa Borges, Celin Patil, Benedict poshiuper
    manoj mastry,leena pereira,hermond borges cathrien borgies,mable gracitious,uttma almeda,ranjana korea, vestina perira,depti pereira,norma patil,berryl almeda,agusta nunis,mittel borges,rupina nunis glades nunis, raymond borges,patric nunis,kevin nunis,frank borges, berral borges, teres nunis,rex grecious,casher borges,ruby borges,savio,shalden borges,cinthya mendonsa,ruksa nunis,jennet dias,reneta pereira.


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