बंडा तात्या महाराज कराडकर

Friends, We had already sent about the attempt to suppress the people’s movement by the authorities। The authorities had conspired with the Dow Chemicals and in the name of giving protection to the company’s construction site and the company officials who never come to the site mobilised massive police force brought ambulance, dead body carrier and fire brigade! Still due to intervention by Justice Kolse-Patil, the agitators allowed the company officials to enter the premise। On 25th July, 2008, in the morning around 500 Warkaris under the leadership of Banda Tatya Maharaj Karadkar march on to the Dow Chemicals construction site at Shinde Village and destroyed the compound gate and the meager construction that had come up till 16th January, 2008। The Dow chemicals proposed plant’s construction work had been stopped since 16th January, 08 by the farmers and warkaris of this region who had organized themselves as “Bhamchandra Dongar Bachao Warkari Shetkari Sangharsh Samiti” under the leadership of Justice Kolse-Patil and Com. Vilas Sonawane. The agitation for the past 7 months has been peacefully and non-violently going on. Inspite of this, the authorities have been consistently trying to suppress this peaceful movement. The warkaris were discontented by the coming up of the Dow’s project. They had supported the non-violent peaceful struggle. Recently during the Ashadi Ekadashi, the prominent leaders of the Warkari sect had appealed Chief Minister of Maharashtra to throw out Dow Chemicals from Maharashtra. The warkaris of Maharashtra cannot tolerate the coming up of the notorious Dow Chemicals in the Sant Bhoomi. Today, the discontent of the entire warkari sect of Maharashtra was channelised by the Banda Tatya Maharaj Karadkar and his followers who destroyed the company’s compound and construction. He declared that the warkaris would not stop till the Dow Chemicals is thrown out not only from Maharashtra but also from the country. Hence the slogan “Dow Chemicals Quit India!” The warkaris have declared that the land on which the Dow’s plant is proposed belongs to the Gram Panchayat a “Warkari University” in the name of Jagadguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj to preserve and propogate the Sant literature.

Banda Tatya Maharaj Karadkar soon after warkaris destroyed the construction of the Dow Chemicals’ plant said, “This is village Shinde. Government is forcibly trying to bring Dow Chemicals in this village against the wishes of the villagers. We all oppose this Company. All the villagers of Shinde have opposed this company. This company is against our national interests and we shall not allow any kind of production of this company. Its production is not for well being of mankind hence this dangerous company has no right to come here. This is our firm belief and hence, government cannot go against our wishes. The villagers have been fighting against this company we warkaris have now extended our active support to this struggle. Henceforth, from today, entire warkari sampraday (sect) shall fight against this company and shall never ever allow this company to come up till then our struggle shall continue.”


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